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Picture of George Leger in 1984In 1983 I started my first studio, George's Place, in Vancouver, Canada. Since then, I have been lucky to work with so many wonderful people, many who have become part of the movie of my life.

As of 2018, I am located in Las Vegas, and work remotely with artists all over the world. Before leaving Los Angeles, it was suggested I create a record of some of the projects of which I am proud. So, I have put together a collection of 15 songs, some fully developed, some demos, and I offer them to you as a way of saying "thank you". I am proud of all of them. As it sometimes happens, some songs were not publicly released, others are recordings I feel are the best representations of who I am as a producer, songwriter, engineer, or musician.

Picture of George Leger in 2015For any donation you send, I will send you a link to this retrospective of some of my creative work.

Please enjoy the music, and feel free to enquire about any of the artists included: George Leger III, Fresh Boyz In Control (George and Fayaz Khan), Thomas Donovan, Jamie Green, or my creative partner, Deborah Bishop.

I hope that I get a chance to work with you soon!

Thank you and much love,
George and Lourdes

  Deborah Bishop - Crazy Feeling (Dance Mix) Deborah Bishop 4:48  
  Half A Million Miles Deborah Bishop 3:49  
  Hold On To My Heart Deborah Bishop 4:21  
  She's Leaving Deborah Bishop 4:31  
  Who's That Girl Deborah Bishop 4:19  
  I'm The One Fresh Boyz In Control 4:23  
  In Your Arms Tonight George Leger III 5:04  
  Lay You Down George Leger III 5:32  
  Magical Touch FM V1 George Leger III 6:09  
  Piece of Peace Pt 2 George Leger III 5:45  
  Spy Vs Spy George Leger III 3:10  
  Urgency George Leger III 4:39  
  Don't Even Jamie Green 3:37  
  Miss You Mix V2 Jamie Green 3:54  
  Erotic City Robert Boas 3:53  
  Lotta Love Thomas Donovan 4:05  
  Love Like Lennon Dubstep Thomas Donovan 3:45  

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