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32 Years of Music


Picture of George Leger in 1984It was 32 years ago that I started my first studio, “George’s Place”, in Vancouver, Canada. Since then, I have been lucky to work with so many wonderful people, many who have become part of the movie of my life. As of next month, June 2015, I begin the next stage of my creative career, this time way out in the California desert, where Lourdes and I have found a new home and community.

Before we leave Los Angeles, it was suggested I create a record of some of the projects of which I am proud. So, I have put together a collection of 15 songs, some fully developed, some demos, and I offer them to you as a way of saying "thank you". I am proud of all of them. As it sometimes happens, some songs were not publicly released, others are recordings I feel are the best representations of who I am as a producer, songwriter, engineer, or musician.

Picture of George Leger in 2015The last move, in December 2014, was very hard on us, and we haven’t been able to save for another move so soon. Furthermore, I hurt my back last week and this means we have to hire people to help us move. We are asking for any donations you can send to help us and, in return, I will send you a link to this retrospective of some of my creative work.

Please enjoy the music, and feel free to enquire about any of the artists included: George Leger III, Fresh Boyz In Control (George and Fayaz Khan), Thomas Donovan, Jamie Green, or my creative partner, Deborah Bishop.

Finally, I hope that I get a chance to work with you in the future in the new "George’s Place"!

Thank you and much love,
George and Lourdes

  Deborah Bishop - Crazy Feeling (Dance Mix) Deborah Bishop 4:48  
  Half A Million Miles Deborah Bishop 3:49  
  Hold On To My Heart Deborah Bishop 4:21  
  She's Leaving Deborah Bishop 4:31  
  Who's That Girl Deborah Bishop 4:19  
  I'm The One Fresh Boyz In Control 4:23  
  In Your Arms Tonight George Leger III 5:04  
  Lay You Down George Leger III 5:32  
  Magical Touch FM V1 George Leger III 6:09  
  Piece of Peace Pt 2 George Leger III 5:45  
  Spy Vs Spy George Leger III 3:10  
  Urgency George Leger III 4:39  
  Don't Even Jamie Green 3:37  
  Miss You Mix V2 Jamie Green 3:54  
  Erotic City Robert Boas 3:53  
  Lotta Love Thomas Donovan 4:05  
  Love Like Lennon Dubstep Thomas Donovan 3:45  

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