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George Leger III has been involved in the recording industry since 1983.

George started his journey into the world of music playing tuba at the age of 7. By the time he was 20 he was playing drums, guitar, bass, and keyboards and was performing in bands until he attended The Institute of Recording Arts in Vancouver, Canada (now known as The Center For Digital Imaging and Sound).

Soon thereafter, George began creating songwriters' demos for the membership of The Pacific Songwriters Association in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Many of these recordings were deemed to be of high enough quality that they were getting airplay on both CFOX, and Z95 FM, the two top radio stations in Vancouver. His own song, "I¹m The One", was one of the most requested songs the year it was released, and one of his clients, Thomas Donovan, has achieved international success with his three CDs.

As time went by, George honed his craft as a producer and arranger, and many of the songs he worked on as musician, arranger, and producer, went on to win awards in many songwriting contests, including Vancouver, Canada's Write-on, and the prestigious Billboard Song Contest.

With the launch of his new studio, Utopia Parkway Digital, in the fall of 1993, he decided to branch out into CD Mastering, and soon he was considered to be one of the top mastering engineers in Western Canada, as well as the Pacific coast of the United States. His work in this field has been a factor in some of his clients winning the Juno Award in recording excellence, Canada's version of the Grammy Award. The Paperboys' CD, Molinos, was one of those winning a Juno award. That same year, 1997, seven of the CDs George had mastered were nominated for Juno Awards.

He considers the computer his current instrument / tool for music creation. He is very gifted with these tools, having an innate ability to get the best out of them. George's sonic and technical prowess is comparable to any "A" list professional. Among his entertainment industry clientele, George's proficiency with the Macintosh computer has gained him the nickname, "MacDaddy".

He has also been songwriting with a number of up-and-coming and well-known artists; served as a tutor or technician to clients like Donny Osmond, Rhonda Smith, Sheila E, Kat Dyson, and Paula Abdul; is author of an Emagic Logic Tutorial; and is or has been a beta tester for Emagic, Waves, Wave Arts, Universal Audio, Linplug, Bias Peak, TC Electronics Spark, FXpansion, and Digidesign.

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